My Offer 100% Money Back Guarantee

Sensitivity Experience and You Can TrustGuaranteed discharge of all eligible debt

We are so confident in our ability to obtain a successful outcome to each & every case, that we guarantee the discharge of all dischargeable debts in every case.

In order to qualify for a 100% refund of all attorney’s fees, the client must:

  1. Truthfully disclose all assets & liabilities.
  2. Disclose all income & all expenses accurately.
  3. Not have transferred any assets subject to Fraudulent Transfer Statutes.
  4. Attend all required Court hearings which the Client is required to attend.
  5. Submit all documents requested by the attorney, Court, or Trustee in a timely fashion.
  6. Complete the financial management class (second class) in a timely fashion, and make an office appointment to sign and file evidence of said completion with the bankruptcy court prior to the close of the case by the Court.

- In Chapter 13 cases, in addition to the above, the client must also tender all required plan payments in a timely manner pursuant to the confirmed/modified plan

Important Note: The above stated guarantee will not apply to any bankruptcy case that is filed as an emergency petition, which is defined as a case where not all of required schedules are filed with the Court upon payment of the court filing fee. This typically takes place in such situations as when client retains the firm the day before a foreclosure sale. All requests for refunds must be made in writing with 30 days of eligibility (30 days from the date the case is closed without discharge).

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